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Mass Effect 3 Squadmate Screens Revealed

Today, among all of the E3 coverage going on, I stumbled across screenshots of the squadmate screens for both Liara and Garrus. 

From the looks of things, you will be able to focus on increasing individual stats for your powers to customize them to your play style. I like the sound of that. And everyone on the internet thought that BioWare forgot about the RPG elements of the game. Can’t wait for it’s release(or at least a demo).

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    As someone who has played the demo, I LOVED the new leveling system.
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    those scars seem to have healed pretty well
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    garrus babby your armor looks so damn snazzy yay ;^;
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    I’m not sure what a Lift Orb is but.. GARRUS GETS A FREAKIN’ MINE? i love you garrbear
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    Un par de capturas de las fichas de personaje de Liara y Garrus en ME3
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    ;D Coool. Now they actually have to like you. Maybe they’ll let you talk to them more, Dragon Age has kinda dropped the...
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    Both of my favorite characters.
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    …………. not mordin.
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    Friendship and Rivalry alignment…some how I think I will like this better/understand how to better tip the scale in my...
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    I need a moment.
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    Or is it like, Friendship and Rivalry? AWWW YEAHHH BIOWARE ME GUSTA